Why We Make Wine

“Wine is something people love sharing with friends…that they bring to celebrations…..and use to console themselves. That’s my great reward.”


One step into the tasting room and you’re instantly awash in the unmistakable aroma of fine wine aging in French oak barrels. It doesn’t take long after that for you to sense our genuine enthusiasm and passion for wine making. It can’t be disguised or hidden. Where does the passion come from?

The passion comes from the unwavering belief that we are producing wines of exceptional quality that can’t be found anywhere else. The passion comes from being able to get up every morning to do something that we love. We couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

What we produce brings smiles to faces. It stimulates conversation. It inspires. It encourages slowing things down a bit for you to relax, have some laughs, savor a great dinner and enjoy your friends and family.

“To craft something people love sharing with friends…that they bring to celebrations and special dinners…..and use to console themselves. That’s my great reward.”

Keith Rolle, Winemaker

How We Make Award-Winning Wine

“…source great fruit, maintain a strict sanitation protocol, meticulous barrel management……….and a little Pixie Dust.”

Great wine can only come from great fruit. Fortunately, we source great fruit. The grapes we use come from some of the top vineyards in Washington state and the Sierra Foothills in California near Placerville. Long term contracts enable us to work with grapes from the same rows in the same vineyards year after year.

This is important because it takes away the guess work of dealing with new vineyard managers and their crews each year. It is also important because we know what to expect regarding fruit quality.

“Over the years I’ve been able to develop close relationships with my growers. We have a very open line of communication.  I always know where the numbers are throughout the growing season; temperatures, Brix, pH, acid, whatever. This allows me to authorize vineyard management decisions while living miles away in San Diego,” explains winemaker Keith Rolle.  “Basically, they grow to my specifications.

The farmers do the heavy lifting until harvest time. Once the pick order is made, the grapes are gently hand-harvested, sorted, destemmed and brought to San Diego for vinification.

While the grapes and the growers are the heart of the wine, the winemaker and his distinctive style impart the soul into the wine. “I just really try to remain vigilant to good, proven, fundamental wine making techniques.  Amazing things can happen when you source great fruit, maintain a strict sanitation protocol, meticulous barrel management……and use little Pixie Dust.”

What We Do

“Operating a limited production winery in San Diego its benefits. For one, it allows us to monitor how each individual barrel of wine evolves during aging.“

Our model has been referred to as an urban winery or a boutique winery. In our particular case, it’s a beach winery. We produce very small lots of super-premium wine and every aspect of the wine making process takes place on-site.

We have our own laboratory to conduct sample analyses. Our barrel room is loaded with full casks of wine that’s gracefully aging.  The production area provides space for fermenting, pressing and blending. When it’s time for bottling we call in a mobile unit so bottling takes place on-site, too. The impressive tasting room ties together the entire “beach winery” experience.

“Keeping our production small comes with benefits. For one, it allows us to monitor how each individual barrel evolves during aging. I feel this is a distinct advantage we have over the larger, high production commercial wineries. I believe that the quality of the wine we produce reflects this advantage.” Keith Rolle/ Winemaker.

Gianni Buonomo Vintners produces around 2000 cases per year. The wines sell-out each vintage.

Where We Make the Wine

“The winery is close to the beach so there is a cool Pacific breeze drifting through all day. There’s no better place for wine tasting with friends.”

Point Loma is the defining peninsula that separates San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Located on the Pacific side of the peninsula, you’ll find the eclectic seaside community of Ocean Beach. (or OB as the locals call it) You’ll notice that there is an easy, breezy beach vibe all over OB.

In November 2015,  a tired, old antique store two blocks from the beach was converted into a brand-new, fully functioning 3000 sq. ft. urban winery and tasting room.

The winery is centrally located for anyone visiting San Diego. We’re just about a mile from Sea World and under 5 miles away from Hotel Circle and Old Town San Diego (and Amtrak). The San Diego International Airport is an easy 10 minute drive. And, the San Diego Convention Center, Downtown San Diego and the Historic Gaslamp District are only a 15 minute ride away.