Where is the 2017 Harvest? What happened?

Most of the four tons of the organically grown, premier El Dorado County Petite Sirah earmarked for Gianni Buonomo Vintners was desiccated on the vine. During the five consecutive days of temperatures over 100 around Labor Day, the grapes just could not keep-up with the heat. They turned to raisins.

“It’s been a frustrating start to the harvest season, that’s for sure,” explained disappointed wine maker Keith Rolle. ” It’s a bummer for the farmer because he nurtured these things since bud break. He was counting on the money I was going to pay him. It’s frustrating for me because I purchased barrels, yeast, nutrients and hired labor to help me with the fruit that never came.”

On the positive side of things, the 1.5 tons of grapes that did arrive were perfect condition.

Barbera from neighboring Amador County is still on the vine and is scheduled to be harvested next week.

Washington fruit is still at least two weeks away from harvest.