MARCH 29, 2021                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

San Diego Winery Wins Big at Major US Wine Competition

San Diego CA – March 29, 2021 It’s not likely that a small boutique winery from Ocean Beach could  compete on quality with the big-dollar California wine behemoths from Napa and Sonoma. It is even less likely that such a winery could win at the world’s largest wine competition featuring only North American wines.  

The fairy tale came true this March for San Diego’s Gianni Buonomo Vintners.  

The stage was set at the 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition where it was awarded Best of Class – Double Gold for their 2016 Charbono Reserve. They also took home a Double Gold Medal for their 2017 Petite Sirah and a Gold Medal for their Bordeaux-style blend called Maestrale.  

Over 60 experts within the media, trade, hospitality and education industries from around the country judge over 7000 commercial wines at this annual event. The judges tasted these wines in a double-blind format. The identities of the producers were hidden from the servers who delivered the glasses to the judges. The judges were only given unmarked glasses of wine to evaluate.  

Gianni Buonomo Vintners winemaker Keith Rolle explains the importance of double blind judging.  “Experienced wine judges are easily able to recognize bottle shapes, weights and whether it’s a screw cap bottle and make determinations before they even taste the wine. Only when they are presented a flight of unmarked glasses with no other information are judges able to objectively evaluate each wine.” 

Asked why he thinks the wines from his longshot contender were deemed superior, Rolle continues, “ In  many of the big wineries, winemakers are pressured to get the product bottled and out the door. These pressures are usually driven by sales and marketing departments that need to make the numbers. Oftentimes wines are rushed along and hit the shelves before they are showing their best. Those pressures don’t exist at Gianni Buonomo because I am the sales and marketing department, too. This gives me the latitude of not releasing a wine into the marketplace, or into a competition, before I know it’s ready. All my wines see a minimum of two years barrel aging.”  

Rolle produces three different labels; Gianni Buonomo is the flagship brand and is produced with 100% Washington grapes. As demand grew, he decided to incorporate California grapes into his lineup. Only California grapes from the Sierra Foothills are used in his Gianni California brand. Finally, Buonomo Reserve wines are from both of the aforementioned regions, but are aged for 3 years in barrel and  rested 1 year before release.  

Rolle’s wine lineup includes a number of relatively obscure varietals like Blaufränkisch, Aglianico,  Dolcetto, Lagrein, Nebbiolo and Charbono. “ Not having to fill a distribution channel with a bunch of Cabernet and Chardonnay allows me to work with some underappreciated varietals. Our wine club members really appreciate experiencing new wines.” 

You won’t find Gianni Buonomo at your local bottle shop or grocery store. All their wine is sold directly to the consumer through the tasting room and online sales. The winery ships to most of the contiguous United States

WHERE:                                                            4836 Newport Ave, San Diego 92107
INFORMATION:                                                 www.GBVintners.com
HOURS:                                                            Wednesday – Saturday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
CONTACT:                          Al Dorvinen            wineclub@GBVintners.com   562.458.9477


Recently named Best San Diego Winery by San Diego Magazine for the second consecutive year,  Gianni Buonomo Vintners has earned critical acclaim by earning double-gold medals in domestic and international competitions from coast to coast. Just steps from the Pacific surf in the heart of Ocean Beach, Gianni Buonomo sources super-premium grapes from both El Dorado County, California and Washington state. Grapes are brought to the beach winery to vinify, barrel age, blend, bottle and serve in a line-up of truly exceptional, award-winning wines.